Cupping is but one of the tools an Acupuncturist may use.

Cupping as we know it dates back to the second or third century AD and was originally applied with the use of an animals horn or sections of bamboo, which were heated to create a vacuum when applied to the skin.

In more modern times we can use a range of "cups" including the more traditional glass as well as plastic & more recently silicone.

Most common clinical applications of Cupping are to promote the free flow of Qi and blood through the channels of the body, using the warmth & movement of the cups to expel cold and dampness from muscles and joints. 

Common Cupping areas are the back, chest, legs, arms in fact Cupping can be used anywhere on the body that suffers from pain. Internal complaints such as gastrointestinal problems like stomach ache, vomiting & diarrhoea as well as COLDS & 'FLU also benefit from Cupping.

Successful treatments include; 

  • Digestive problems 
  • Gynaecological dysfunction 
  • Headaches & migraines 
  • Musculoskeletal problems
  • Low back pain 
  • Respiratory disorders 
  • Colds & 'flu 
  • Neck & shoulder tension 
  • Knee pain 
  • Joint problems