As a few of you are aware , over the last couple of weeks we have been in negotiations regarding our lease.

As we were not able to come to an arrangement we are moving... but not far. 

The new address from FRIDAY 29th JUNE is

                        7 St Johns Avenue Mont Albert

Which is on average, 3-5 minutes closer or further, depending where you live.

Eg,    Living at Doncaster, 5-6 minutes closer,

         Live in Glen Iris 3-4 minutes further

         Live in Kew, same??

By Train - Mont Albert Train Station 10-12 minute walk.

Bus Route 766 - Box Hill-Surrey Hills-Burwood     
                 via Mont Albert Rd  --  3 mins

Bus Route 281 -Templestowe-Deakin Uni               
                 via Elgar Rd  --  9 mins

Bus Route 767 - Box Hill - Southland                       
                 via Elgar Rd  --  9 mins