Deals, Cudo, etc.

I have done a deal with Deals/Cudo etc for NEW people only starting at end of April. For these bookings there will be no health fund rebates...

So for EXISTING patients for bookings in MAY & JUNE you can use these prices but pay me directly & STILL receive health fund rebates if you wish.

Offers are:

$29 - 60 minutes (massage or acupuncture)

$45 - 90 minute combined acupuncture & massage

$79 - 3x 60 minutes (massage or acupuncture)

When booking online, please mention this in the "note" section.

Feel free to call/email me with any queries.


As a few of you are aware , over the last couple of weeks we have been in negotiations regarding our lease.

As we were not able to come to an arrangement we are moving... but not far. 

The new address from FRIDAY 29th JUNE is

                        7 St Johns Avenue Mont Albert

Which is on average, 3-5 minutes closer or further, depending where you live.

Eg,    Living at Doncaster, 5-6 minutes closer,

         Live in Glen Iris 3-4 minutes further

         Live in Kew, same??

By Train - Mont Albert Train Station 10-12 minute walk.

Bus Route 766 - Box Hill-Surrey Hills-Burwood     
                 via Mont Albert Rd  --  3 mins

Bus Route 281 -Templestowe-Deakin Uni               
                 via Elgar Rd  --  9 mins

Bus Route 767 - Box Hill - Southland                       
                 via Elgar Rd  --  9 mins

Street Frontage Change

Due to Local Council laws I have had to remove ALL my signage, including the small "A" frame located on the small corner garden area.

Instead I will have my vehicle sign written & will be parked outside to alert everyone where I am. When this is done I will post a photo so everyone can see what I mean.

This should be done by mid November. 

Canterbury Primary School Christmas Market

I will be attending the market again this year doing "neck & shoulder" massages with view to promoting the benefits of massage.

Come by & say hello & take a load off your feet with a 10 minute seated massage for $10 to relieve any stresses you may have.

You can also purchase gift vouchers or "prepaid" packages. I will have the ability to accept EFT via PayPal Here, accepting Mastercard, Visa plus Amex

Cupping Fad or Legit??

With the exposure gained by the Olympic coverage, cupping seems to be gaining some ground in the world of professional sports as this commentary regarding the U.S mens gymnastic team..

Click the title above... through to my Facebook page to see...

Traditional Acupuncture vs Dry Needling

"Whats the difference?? Both use acupuncture needles?"

I get asked this question more & more often. 
I've come across a short article in "flyer form" that outlines the basic differences. At the risk of offending practitioners of dry needling, this article comes from a reputable organisation,, written by Kirsten Horner Warren, a (U. S.) Licensed Acupuncturist who also completed a course in dry needling. 

It is definitely worth a read & clicking on some of the other links/articles on the page.

Click on the link below to my FB page then on the link to Kirsten's article..   


Well, winter has hit with a cold snap expected over the next week. Now is the time to make the most of warming foods & drinks.

Think of adding some ginger & garlic to casseroles or slow cooked meals to help the body defend against unwanted colds/'flu. Ginseng also has immune boosting properties.

Click on the Facebook link below to go to MAACMC page for details....

New web site

after a few weeks of inactivity our new site is active.

Please, feel free to give me some feedback so I can improve the site.

Thanks must go to my helper, he knows who he is, as I am not tech savvy his help was much appreciated>>>